VERAS is the trade association for demolition contractors and asbestos removal companies. With more than 100 members and 20 donors, we represent an important segment of the demolition and asbestos removal branch.

Our main objectives are:

  • representing the interests of the demolition and asbestos removal branch;
  • promoting the professionalism, the quality level and the good image of the branch;
  • optimal information provision and service to our members and other parties. 

  • We are committed to:

  • a healthy market structure for demolition and asbestos removal companies; 
  • adequate and workable rules and regulations and standards and guidelines; 
  • safeguarding safe and environmentally responsible demolition and safe and healthy working; 
  • contributing to the circular economy by promoting the high-grade reuse of released demolition materials;
  • acting as a responsible client and contractor (www.sloopcode.nl).

  • We represent our interests in various forms of consultation and commissions. There are also intensive contacts with the departments involved and relevant societal organisations. 

    Another important activity of VERAS is the provision of information and the helpdesk for members. A membership should also deliver individual benefits for member companies. 

    VERAS is a member of Aannemersfederatie Nederland (AFNL, the Netherlands Contractors' Federation) and of the European Demolition Association (EDA). There is also regular consultation and coordination with colleague branch organisations.